Meet Emma and Cathy, the co-founders of Emerge Aesthetics


Emma: "Hi everyone! I am a busy mum of 4 boys and I have been a qualified nurse for just over 21 years. I have worked in a lot of different wards but the A&E ward was where I spent several years dealing with traumas and minor injuries. I specialised as a Cardiac Nurse where I then gained my prescribing qualifications"


Cathy: "Hello! I am a mum of 2 girls and I have been a qualified nurse for just over 22 years, specialising in Cardiology. After 20 years working for the NHS, I wanted to do something different. I still wanted to do something quite clinical but also make a difference to people's lives and that's where I stumbled across aesthetics and it just happened to be that Emma also felt the same way and wanted to explore this idea too. Both of us went on to do a specialist course in aesthetics and Emerge Aesthetics was born!"


We are really passionate about making our clients feel the best version of themselves and we pride ourselves in doing this by using the best clinical practices and premium products which are medically safe and provide the best results.


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